Which Bathroom Heating Options Work Best for You?

athroom Heating Options

A well-decorated and well-equipped bathroom comprises tub and shower combo with vanity top and sink. And the toilet is an integral part of a typical bathroom. These modern amenities come with lots of options for shape, style, and color. But, if you don’t have any heating system in the bathroom, all these facilities will end up being a waste of money in the cooler months. You will dread keeping your feet on the floor due to the frosty coldness of the bathroom. Nobody likes to step into the floor of a cold bathroom after having a comfortable warm shower. A situation like this demands a bathroom heating system badly. Read the following bathroom heating options to get rid of cold feet and shivers in the bathroom.

When/Why do you really need to look for a heating system?

During summer, you may not feel the necessity for bathroom heating solutions. But when it’s cold out there, you may have second thoughts before having a shower in a bathroom without any heating system. The floor becomes freezing cold and you may have a hard time while using the bathroom. Some people are very sensitive to heat and fall sick from exposure to cold. It will be tough for them to use a bathroom devoid of the heating system. Besides, it is so uncomfortable to step out of a toasty-warm shower into a cold bathroom. If you want no more shivers and cold feet, get some bathroom heating ideas to implement them.

Bathroom heating options

How to heat a bathroom? There are many types of bathroom heating solutions, but one must choose the best way to heat a bathroom as per the cost and efficacy of that particular heating system. There are different ways of heating a bathroom in terms of financial aspects and commercial/DIY efforts. The problem regarding the coldness of the bathroom can be fixed with a few DIY steps or some more integrated approaches or some heavily commercial means like underfloor heating, radiators, heaters, or similar ways. Keep reading the following bullet list to get a complete overview.

  • Bathroom radiators work great to keep the bathroom warm. It comes in stainless steel being resistant to rust. Radiators are both effective and stylish.
  • Underfloor heating is gaining much popularity as a means of heating the bathroom. These underfloor heaters are cost-effective and will provide warmth to your feet.
  • If you want to get dual benefits, heated towel rails are the perfect bathroom heater you are seeking. Towel rails dry and heat the towels and absorb the coldness off the air.
  • Heat lamps are comparatively inexpensive tools capable of heating the bathroom. These are easy to install and can deliver instant heat from the ceiling.
  • If you are running short of space, a convection remote control heater can come in handy. It will free the floor space, keep the bathroom warm and look stylish.
  • You can invest in a portable and small electric heater to keep the bathroom warmer. Connect it to an electric output outside the bathroom and make it face the inside. Keep it running for 15 minutes prior to your shower.
  • Cold air may intrude to the room through the cracks and vents of the window frame. Seal the window carefully to prevent the cold air from penetrating the bathroom.
  • Paint the walls with warmer colors to get a less cold bathroom. Avoid cool colors such as white or baby blue. Instead use warmer colors like red, orange, pink, yellow etc.
  • You can cover the floor of your bathroom with thick mats or rugs. These rugs are washable and after using these, you don’t have to walk on icy bathroom floors anymore.

Some DIY bathroom heating ideas

If you are on a tight budget, you may not be able to buy expensive appliances for your bathroom. In a situation like this, a DIY method can run the extra mile to help you keep the bathroom warmer.  Learn the following DIY methods as bathroom heating options.

Seal the Windows

seal the windowsThis is an important thing to consider regardless of the availability of a bathroom heater. You must pay attention to the window insulation to get the maximum output from a heater. And, if you don’t have a bathroom heating solution, a well-insulated window will prevent the cold air of the outside from entering into the bathroom through the window. It will also keep the warm air inside. Seal the windows by applying adhesive sealant to the place where needed. Seal all the gaps and get a warm bathroom.

Paint the Walls with Warmer Colors

Warmer colors can hold more light than cooler colors. So, the use of warmer colors in the bathroom will result in a warm bathroom. Simply change the color scheme of the bathroom and try a warmer coat of paint. One can use heat reflecting insulating paints to get better service.

Use Plants to Warm up the Bathroom

Plants are our constant friends in every situation. A plant can be of great help in this regard too. Plants have the ability to make the bathroom warmer. Plants release moisture to the air which helps the room get warmer with the help of increased humidity. Choose your plants considering the factors that make them suitable for the bathroom.

Cover the Floor with Rugs

This is the simplest idea to get rid of the ice-cold floor of the bathroom. Tiles and other concretes catch a cold easily and turn to freezy cold during winter. You can put a bathroom mat or rug to cover the cold floor. Cover the floor with a thick and washable rug, you don’t have to walk on the cold bathroom floor again.

DIY Ceramic Heater

You will need 4 or 5 bricks, a ceramic bowl, a tray, and a small fan to make this heater. The preparation method is pretty simple. Light the candles and put them on the tray. Place two bricks beside the candles. Now put the ceramic bowl on the top of the candles by using the height of the bricks. The edges of the ceramic bowl will touch the bricks. Now, place the small fan on three bricks behind this DIY unit to guide the hot air towards the intended direction.
bathroom heating fan

Bathroom heating solutions

If you are ready to spend some money on bathroom heaters, you can avail the opportunity of using bathroom radiators, underfloor heater, heat lamps, heated towel rails and many more. Keep reading to know the best way to heat a bathroom.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are one of the most expensive heaters available in the marketplaces. But their performance is worthy of that money. These heaters are some electric bars installed on the wall of the bathroom. Radiant heating distributes the heat evenly and ensures a comfortable and warm environment in the bathroom. These radiators are energy efficient and significantly effective.

Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails not only keep the towels fluffy, warm and dry, they also provide enough heat to warm up a medium size bathroom. These towel rails are stylish and effective. The minimalism enthusiasts can keep a heated towel rail to keep their towels and heat the bathroom using the same tool. This will save them some money.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Underwater heating is also another costly bathroom heating option like radiators. This is the most effective bathroom heater as it keeps the floor warm. Nothing is more irritating than having to step into a cold floor during winter, underfloor heating solves this issue.

There are two major types of floor heating systems; the dry system and the wet system. The dry system uses a series of electric wires whereas the wet system uses hot water pipes while heating the floor. You should reach out for professional help to install underfloor heating units. This heating solution is expensive but once you install this, it requires no maintenance and a little energy.

Overhead Heating Options

There are some other heating options worth considering such as heat lamps, exhaust fans, convection heater etc. Overhead heaters are suitable for small and medium bathrooms as they don’t occupy the space of any floor or wall. Some of these conventional heaters radiate soothing infrared light which keeps the bathroom warmer. And a heat lamp can work both as an illuminator and a heater.

Best way to heat a bathroom

It’s a tough job to pick one method as the best way to heat a bathroom. All these DIY methods mentioned above are necessary features of an ideal bathroom. One should seal the cracks and holes of the windows to get the best service of a heater. A DIY ceramic heater is enough to keep a bathroom toasty in the winter. You can place a ceramic heater at one corner of the bathroom. Then seal the windows and use a warm coat of paint in the wall to get the best output.

Some bathroom heating options cost a little and some are really expensive. Underfloor heating is the most efficient bathroom heating solution. Though it is expensive, the money will be worth spending for sure. One must be careful about the installation process. It involves the use of electric wires. Make sure that these wires don’t get close to water or any liquid substance. After installing the underfloor heating unit, you will not have to worry about the freezy cold floor.

How to heat a bathroom?

You must be searching for a bathroom heater which will simultaneously contribute to the beautification of the bathroom. Yes! We have found such hack that will enhance the beauty of your bathroom as well as keep it warmer in the cold winter. This DIY room heater is called Terracotta Pot Heater.

You will need two 5-6 inches long flower pot with bases, some candle lights or tealights, nuts, two one-foot long threaded rods and two pieces of metal chain. Attach the rods to the stand with the support of chains. Hang two terracotta pot onto two threaded rods in upside down position. Tether the pots to the upper portion of the rods and the bases to the lower portion of the rods using the nuts. One can adjust the gap between the base and the pot by using the nuts and threads of the rods. Place some candles on the base and light them. The terracotta heater is ready to use.

Don’t forget that the candles or tealight need oxygen to burn. So you have to keep a small gap between the pots and their bases. One unit is enough for a small bathroom. You can use multiple units as per the size of your bathroom. Usually, these heaters take 20-30 minutes to radiate heat. So place it in the bathroom at least 30 minutes prior to your use. These heaters look aesthetic and work efficiently.


Winter is the most favorite season to a large number of people, but none likes to get the shivering touch of a cold. It is enjoyable only if you have enough preparation to ward off the coldness. And, we have to visit the bathroom more than once a day. A cold floor can ruin your mood within a blink of the eyes. If you dread stepping into the cold floor of the bathroom, you will be benefitted by the bathroom heating options we discussed above. There are some DIY methods along with other heating solutions. Hope you will get the right one appropriate to meet your need and budget.

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