Do You Have to Wear a Helmet on a Scooter

scooter helmet

Scooters are familiar for personal transit due to being more affordable, convenient to park and easy to operate. When riding a scooter on a road you need to obey the law to keep yourself safe from any kind of accident. In some areas you must wear helmet which is legally required but in others it’s up to you. Some helmets may not ne fashionable but they play an important role in protecting the rider from any possible head injuries.

Do I really need to wear a helmet?

The necessity of wearing a helmet depends highly on where you are going to ride. Many countries have age requirements or there is law to wear helmet no matter what your age. If you are driving in highway you must wear it to protect your brain and skull. To defend one of your most important parts of the body, the benefit of helmet is beyond description. You should not ignore this because protection of your head in a necessity.

Our population is increasing and so is the number of accidents. The growing number of scooter users sometimes becomes a threat. Electric scooters are risky when going to your workplace every day.  The longer you ride a scooter a day, the chances of accidents increase. In case of a crush, only a scooter helmet can save your life.

What does the law say?

Scooter transportation systems have become famous nowadays. You need to check the local law before riding a scooter to be sure that the law allows you to ride. Different states have different laws regarding helmet use. In the USA there are different laws for example, the law of Washington DC allows you not to wear any headgear in time of riding a scooter but doesn’t allow you to ride if your age is under 16. Similar law is in New York that they don’t allow you to ride on public roads and if you are under 14, you don’t need to wear a helmet. Different areas have different laws so the best way is to get informed about the laws where you live, but wearing a helmet is better for your own safety.

Reports about wearing helmet

Researchers said that in 87 days, 271 accidents occurred while riding an e-scooter. They also informed that 45% people were involved in road accidents and all of them had injuries in head. One interesting fact is that only 1% people were wearing headgear that proves the necessity of wearing a helmet. Moreover, 15% of them suffered from brain injuries which is really alarming. Many accidents happened because the rider was not well trained up for riding. So solid training and good preparation with a helmet may be useful to reduce this.

Safety is cool

Although there are no rules of wearing helmet in your state, it’s much better to save your head by wearing helmet. Probably, your hair is messed up or you feel that it’s stupid to wear it, but safety comes first. You will feel much better while riding alongside faster and bigger vehicles if you are wearing a headgear. Even an expert has to face the unusual and unexpected situation then helmet will be a great help for you in those disgusting moments. In a scooter, there is nothing to protect you so you need to ride slowly and carefully.

Otherwise, you will be crashed at the spot by other vehicles. Helmets are not so expensive which you cannot buy. If you are worried about your look, then you can make your own as your desired way. Now-a-days, there are many kinds of helmets which will make you cool as well as safe.

Covering extra miles

If you are thinking about covering extra miles with your scooter, you must wear a helmet. With the increasing miles, the chances of your accident or fall increases. 85% injuries reduce while wearing a helmet. kids, young, adult or old everyone should keep a headgear riding a scooter to protect their skulls. Skull of a kid is more sensitive, fragile and they are more prone to injury so they should be well prepared with a helmet to avoid an injury.

Make sure that your helmet fits you correctly and is comfortable. Do not use an ill-fitting helmet because it will give you head pain and make you uncomfortable while you are riding and this can be a reason for an accident. your helmet must be light so that your head doesn’t have to carry extra load of it. You should also avoid the middle of the road ride your scooter smoothly and carefully.

Foot scooters

People are using Foot scooters generally for play or recreation. Wheeled recreation devices include roller skates, roller blades foot scooters and skateboards. A foot scooter has a speed of 10kilometer. It is used by children under 12.

While using human-powered devices, you aren’t required to use a headgear. But it is necessary to wear it if your scooter has a motor. you need to wear helmet, knee, wrist guards and elbow pads to reduce injury. The local law prohibits to ride foot scooter on a busy road and footpaths.


It’s your decision whether you want to wear a helmet or not but it is safe to wear it. It may be a kind of pain to wear an it may not make you look cool but you may need this in times of danger. So it is wise to keep it in your head. It is better than feeling sorry later. You can always store your helmet and scooter together to find it easily before you are going out to ride again.

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