12 Kitchens Ideas With Black Appliances

Kitchen With Black Appliances

Home is where the hearth is. And so true. Historically, hearth refers to the area around a fireplace or where most of the cooking is done; the kitchen. Naturally with the heat, it is warm and cozy and the place where a family or friends dropping in prefer gathering in. Nowadays, with the advent of modern heating, the fireplace has lost its relevance and the kitchen its polestar position. The 1970s witnessed a resurgence in the fireplace and house design incorporated the kitchen opening into a dining space. People gravitate to this section creating bonhomie and a great conversation pit. Kitchen ideas and design are now revamped and it is trending to have black stainless steel with many styles to offset and create a unique kitchen. There are reasons aplenty to love black kitchen appliances; they are aesthetic, durable, fingerprint resistant and versatile. They are rust and corrosion resistant and not subject to staining.

Kitchens with Black Appliances

1. L-Shaped Ultra-Modern Kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen layout is contemporary and embodies an easy and modern living style. An in vogue design that is also ergonomic and striking not to forget the spaciousness is the hallmark of L-shaped kitchens. It is the solution for kitchens handicapped by space. An island and chairs can be easily installed and the design allows for cabinetry of exquisite styling. The working triangle gives you foot space and easy reach of things as well as easy mobility between the sink, oven, range, and refrigerator. The color scheme is not limited and you can choose from a large range. L-shaped kitchens are not restricted to small and medium-sized kitchens alone.

L-Shaped Ultra-Modern Kitchens

2. Honey Oak Cabinets

The 1980s and 90s saw a boom in using honey oak cabinets as builders started using them in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms across America. Oak is a robust wood and a practical one if well cared for. The challenge is decorating around them.
The oak that is less lacquered and left in its natural state, after veneering, is pleasant to look at. To up the style quotient, add sleek countertops, fixtures or a backsplash of modern geometric tastes. Another nifty trick is to deepen some with deep walnut wood tone leaving the others in their natural texture. Lighten the weight of oak with good, innovative lighting. Honey oak cabinets with black appliances is a visual stunner. The high contrast of the scheme will make the black appliances pop out and the room inviting.
Honey Oak Cabinets

3. Light Wood Cabinet

Black kitchen appliances give you a lot more elbow room to play with the design of your kitchen as they pair pretty well with a wide array of cabinet finishes. Most kitchen color schemes will permit experimenting. Just tinker around and decorate keeping the black appliances as a focal point.
Light Wood Cabinet

4. Black Appliances and Light Grey

Grey is pretty close to black so grey cabinets are undoubted a very good choice. The question that begs here is the depth of the grey here. A darker grey sacrifices contrast making the kitchen look darker. The plus point is the kitchen space looks seamless. The other option, a lighter, softer grey is by far a better bet. It will brighten up the space and secondly give it an appearance of openness.
With grey cabinets, the countertop can be light or dark, avoid mid-tones and warm colors. To establish that your countertop goes with the rest of the kitchen, a stone with grey tones will work like a charm.Kitchens With Black Appliances Black Appliances and Light Grey

5. Rustic Design Kitchens with Black Appliances

There is a certain charm and warmth associated with a rustic kitchen. Weathered wood beams, painted cabinets, stone flooring, and farm tables. It creates a casual and inviting feel to a classic style. Copper pots, salvaged wood give your rustic kitchen with black appliances a perfect backdrop. Go that one step and decorate around.

Kitchens With Black Appliances Rustic Design Kitchens with Black Appliances

6. Minimalist Cabinets

Building a modern kitchen is creating a space that balances minimalism and practicality for a truly multi-functional kitchen. A variety of materials can be employed to this end; stone, wood and stainless steel. Kitchen cabinets should look sharp, not stark.Kitchen With Black Appliances Minimalist Cabinets

7. Kitchens with Black and White Appliances

White cabinets are the eternal favorites among kitchen cabinets. Teamed with black kitchen appliances, it becomes a statement of trendy. Another comparable choice is matte blue provided it is used sparingly as it tends to overpower. The black appliances will need something to grab on to or your kitchen would look smaller. Pay heed to other decorative elements. The countertop is the ideal foil. That way the black appliances will team well with the countertop. With black and white, the key is a balance. A dark granite countertop will necessitate lighter walls.Kitchens with Black and White Appliances

8. Modern Kitchens with Black Appliances

Kitchen With Black Appliances Modern Kitchens with Black Appliances
This is a classic combination. Bring in a stately, warm appearance with rich cherry cabinetry or go for a solid black fo that modern, dramatic appeal. Choosing a black on black combination will fall flat if the overall scheme is not in sync. A dark counter will give the space a gloomy look. The counter should be light and cream or grey toned. It would be chic. The walls need to be light-hued as well.

9. Classic Kitchens with Black Appliances

Classic automatically brings in the wood factor. A light timber, cedar or ash is utilized for the woodwork. Natural light is the key. Except for the black appliances, the overall sense is eco- friendly.

Classic Kitchens with Black Appliances

10. Black Appliances and Glass

The floating glass assembly assimilated in black presents a lustrous and versatile alternative to stainless steel. The full collection comprises built-in wall ovens in single, double and combination microwave/ wall oven arrangement; A French door refrigerator of cabinet depth; electric, gas and dual-fuel ranges and high-performance dishwashers. The pyramid type hood features black glass that pairs well with stainless steel and black glass.
The sleek professional black on black look would pair admirably with black glass is steel cabinetry. The design of other elements is the counter of graphic quartzite with subtle black lines. Put in the hardware of Chrome and mosaic flooring in black and white.
Black floating glass has clean lines and so will team well with warm wood tones for a contemporary style. For that stark look, contrasting with white cabinets is also a good choice.
Black floating glass especially sticks out when stainless steel is interjected as a design element.

Kitchen With Black Appliances and Glass

11. Kitchen Island Ideas

A dearth of counter space does not augur well for a cook. A kitchen island is vital. Be it cooking prep, dining, storage, as a breakfast bar, just sitting around with a coffee, these workhorses do it all. It is simply the most used space in the kitchen.
The illumination is by pendant lighting and by necessity must be adequate.
Add seating.
The location of the island should be close to the work triangle, sink, stove, and refrigerator.
Careful planning is needed to locate the stove and sink on the island. The access to the refrigerator should be easy and near.
Your storage needs should be built-in. Remember, seating a sink and stove will compromise the space available for storage. Allocate a pullout drawer for trash.
Basically, kitchen islands can be of four configurations:
An all-inclusive island serving a large bustling kitchen
An island that is kid-friendly, free of clutter with sufficient surrounding space, at least 3 feet.
A minimalist’s island
A movable island with wheels providing the best flexibility.

Kitchen With Black Aceessories and Kitchen Island Ideas

12. Small Kitchens with Black Appliances

At first thought, one would lean towards thinking it absurd; black appliances in a small kitchen would render it dark and dank. This is where you pull out your bag of nifty tricks.
● Go in for open shelving.
● If you have cabinets already, make them glass fronted
● Install lighting in and around the cabinets
● Natural light needs to be a priority
● Use reflective kitchen materials
● Use a smaller, concealed dishwasher
● Use slimmer cabinets
● White is the recommended color for walls
● Allow for maximum clear floor space
● Consider vertical stripes
● Use a slim refrigerator

Small Kitchens with Black Appliances

Tips to Improve Kitchens with Black Appliances

Black stainless steel appliances have a neutral tone and can complement bright, vibrant colors. Here are some ways.
● White, crisp cabinetry can offset the black appliances dramatically.
● Use chrome hardware and brushed nickel handles and knobs
● Choose a complementary countertop such as black granite with white veins
● Natural light is a welcome source of brightness in a kitchen with black appliances
● Add a bright backsplash
● Paint upper cabinets white and lower cabinets grey.
● Opt for a medium or dark toned floor
● Consider a low contrast, lighter wall coloring

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