Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger: 13 Ways


A bathroom is more than just another room in your house. Other than catering to your hygiene requirements and checking your look out for final touches, a bathroom gives you a moment of solitude and privacy. After a long, tiring day at work, a hot shower or a long bath will be ever so relaxing and take all the knots out of your muscles. This makes a bathroom worth giving thought to and given a proper, functional and esthetic design. This article contains tips and techniques on how to make your small bathroom look bigger, visually appealing and a relaxing.

Being a place you start and finish each day, bathrooms need to be designed in a way that calm your senses and provide you a comfortable environment. Rental areas and apartments tend to completely neglect this aspect and most of the working community lacks the comfort of a good bathroom.

Make a statement with tiling

Bathroom tiles are the first thing you see in the room and are the major impression makers. They decide the overall impact and are the first step in making design decisions when you want to make your small apartment bathroom look bigger and spacious.

1. White tiles for dimension

White tiles for dimension

We all know that white gives you a sense of openness and space. A good way to create a good spacious effect is to use mosaic floor tiles with white wall tiles for the distinction and depth in the room.

2. Put Large tiles to use

Put Large tiles to use

We might think that in small spaces, only small or intricate design elements can work in the favor of space. Well, you might want to think again. Designers have established that you can actually trick the brain by using large tiles, into thinking that the space is large and longer.

3. Floor-to-ceiling tiles

Floor-to-ceiling tiles

Tiles running from along the length of the walls add height to the room. Using mosaic tiles will not only fulfill this function but will also add visual appeal to the bathroom.  

4. The classic Black and White

The classic Black and White

Black and white are the values that go together like Romeo and Juliet. To create drama, throw in this contrast and any space will be beautified. In small spaces however, stick to one wall or only floor with the opposite value as it can appear haphazard and make the place look smaller.

5. Tiles extending into the shower

Tiles extending into the shower

To make your small bathroom look bigger, make the tiles extend into the shower area to give a roomier effect.

Using a long rectangular mirror here in this case makes the bathroom look even bigger as the shower wall tiles are reflected and create an impression of depth.

6. Good Lighting

Good Lighting

Light plays an important role while making a space appear bigger than it actually is. Dark areas tend to look smaller and claustrophobic. Make sure you brighten up your bathroom by adding enough artificial light if there aren’t any windows. Choose functional and space saving lights that don’t hang too low from the ceiling, being too close to the user’s head which will make the bathroom look smaller. Use mirrors to reflect light where possible.

7. Change the Vanity Cabinet

Change the Vanity Cabinet

Although it provides good storage space under the sink, a vanity cabinet takes up a lot of space and makes an already small bathroom, even smaller. Have a vertical, pedestal sink or a wall mounted sink for more space and make the bathroom look bigger. Have wall mounted shelves or a redesign a small closet space for the extra storage.

8. Match walls and ceiling

Match walls and ceiling

Making your wall and ceiling color match can create the illusion of depth and make your bathroom appear heighted than it actually is. If the ceiling is low and too close to the user, make sure that you use a light color on the wall and ceiling as this situation can create the opposite effect. Use glossy tiles on the floor to function as a light reflector and create the feel of a bigger bathroom.

9. Buy a statement mirror

Buy a statement mirror

Creating a visual focal point in a small space can direct the viewer’s attention and make it  appear bigger. Installing a statement mirror in the bathroom will make an impression and coupled with some LED light in the back, it will change the whole look of your small bathroom and transform it into an exquisite luxury.

10. Push the walls back

Push the walls back

Visual obstructions like doors and even curtains can make your bathroom look smaller. Install a clear door or a mirror for the shower area. If you have curtains, push them back when not in use so when you enter your small bathroom, you can see all the way up to the back wall so your brain doesn’t calculate it as a smaller space than it actually is.

11. Avoid Patterned Wallpaper

Avoid Patterned Wallpaper

In small spaces, too much of patterns and graphics can make the place look smaller. Even if you want to cover the walls with wallpaper, make sure it’s only half way through the walls and does not box in the whole bathroom space.

12. Add depth to the walls

Add depth to the walls

Placing a painting of the beach or a window that opens into a garden can create the visual effect of depth. This can also be a full wall mural for the best illusion. If you hand a mirror on the opposite wall, it will double the impression and make your small bathroom look wider. This trick works especially if you don’t have a window in your bathroom and need to trick the viewer’s brain into thinking there is one.

13. Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

A neat and tidy space, no matter how small looks spacious. Make sure you have no accessories or products lying around here and there. Make separate baskets for towels and bath robes and keep them in a separate place away from sight. If you have too many cosmetics and products and simply don’t know where to store them, you can install hidden shelves that disappear into the walls and give a clean, obstruction free space to your bathroom.

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