Types of Bathroom Faucets

Types of Bathroom Faucets
Types of Bathroom Faucets

It is more difficult to choose a bathroom faucet than you think. Bathroom faucets should match with your other bathroom fixtures and with the theme of the place. You need to choose the right type of sink faucet because you are going to use it for years. There are so many faucets available different in styles, finishes, sizes and colors. To decorate your bathroom according to your desire, you will have to choose gorgeous-looking bathroom faucets from a number of options that also suit your budget.

  1. Bridge

Bridge faucets are a combination of modern technology and traditional style. You need to set up this type on the countertop so that it becomes easy to keep your bathroom hygienic and clean. There are two water controls – one is for cold water and another for hot water. The spout is situated in the center and two controls on both sides. It is a beautiful design which is a classic type.

  1. Center Set

They are commonly used with handles 4 inches apart. They are made for such basins where there are three holes. The body is small with a spout, two handles, and two water controls. This design gives this type an attractive look.

  1. Single Handle

A faucet with one spout and one handle is called a single handle faucet. They are situated on the surface with only one hole and it’s easy to use when compared to other types of faucets. The latest models are sensor-controlled that control the temperature and the water flow without requiring any touch.

  1. Spread Fit

Spread fit faucets are like center set faucets with one spout and two holes placed apart. There are 3 holes and they are situated four to ten inches apart. We can set the handles off to one edge and the spout on the bottom of our sink. Two handles control the hot and cold water. it is easy to use with a refined look.

  1. Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted bathroom faucet is exactly what it sounds like- a faucet which is fixed in the wall of the bathroom. It is not attached to the vanity or the counter like other faucets. It can fit anywhere with the floating sink design in your bathroom. When we use faucet which is attached to the sink, it becomes hard to clean the back of the sink faucets. But the advantage of using wall mounted faucet is that it is easier to clean the sink, makes it hygiene and also modern to look.

  1. Deck-mounted

Deck mounted faucet is a faucet which is set directly to the surface and attached to the sink or wall itself. We can use it for both- bathtubs and bathroom sink.

  1. Sprinkle

Sprinkle faucet has a different kind of spout. There is a rectangular pattern from where water comes. Its flat body permits the water flowing out gently. This faucet establishes an exclusive look.

  1. Vessel

For a vessel sink, we need a taller faucet because vessel sink fits higher and different from other sinks. They should appear as a single handle faucet. We call also choose a deck mount or wall mount for a vessel sink. The holes should be into the bathroom sink or the countertop.

  1. Materials

  • Brass: Brass is a material which combines zinc and copper into alloy. Copper kills the microorganism and stop their growth. Aluminum helps to remove its roughness and make it strong enough. Tin materials may be added to resist zinc to dissolve out of the brass alloy.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel gives your faucet a classical look. Chromium and nickel may be added to give it a shiny and silver tone. We can see stains in it which remind us to wash stains regularly.
  • Zinc: We find zinc faucets in a reasonable price so it is a good choice to use zinc than to use brass. It is gray but electroplating makes it attractive. It is very light and can prevent corrosion. You must choose zinc faucet to organize as you desire.
  • Plastic: The cheapest faucet among all other faucets is plastic faucet and it can do better with an impressive design. Still, it is the last choice of many home owners because they break easily.
  1. Size

Size of the faucet depends on where you are you fixing it. For a singular plated faucet, we’ll need 6 inches to keep this plate. If the parts are separated, you need to keep 3-4 inches’ space between the handle and main spout. To stay functional, your faucet should be far enough from the main body so the basic length will be 12-16 inches. You should choose the faucet according to the space not its organization.

  1. Cost

The cost of the faucet depends on its size, organization, the materials and where you are going to install it. Wall-mounted faucets are costlier than other faucets and you have to spend extra money for wiring the features. You will have bear extra cost to make your faucet work.

The bridge bathroom faucet will cost about 200-300 dollars and so will be the spread fit faucet. You have to pay 100-200 dollars to get this features. Different materials also add to its price. For example, faucets like brass cost about 300 dollars or more. You have to remember the cost of the labor which is involved here.

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