11 Types of Kitchen Faucets: Popular Models in 2020

Types of Kitchen Faucets (Feature Image)

A kitchen faucet is an indispensable fixture in a kitchen for cleaning dishes, washing food, and filling pots with water. There are many different types of kitchen faucets based on the installation process, holes number, number of handles and technology available in the market.  Are you looking for the best kitchen faucet?.   In this post, we will discuss the 11 most popular types of kitchen faucets. Going through all of these may help you to pick your ideal kitchen faucet.

1. Pull down

This is the most basic type of faucet in the market. It comes with a spray wand that one can pull it straight into the sink. The faucet is highly convenient to clean dishes.

2. Pull out

The design of the pull out faucets are opposite to the pull-down type. The difference between the two is that the body design of the pull-out faucet is a straight line while in the case of Pulldown, the design is much flexible, one can curve it if needed. Pull out faucets are a great choice to make your everyday kitchen tasks a breeze.

3. Single handle

This faucet uses a singular lever that one can position from left to right to trigger warm or cool water. It takes a small amount of time to gush hot or cold water.

4. Dual Handle

A dual handle faucet uses two separate levers for warm and cool water. The design of this faucet features a central spout and two separate handles. And the configuration also requires a separate hot and cold water connection just like what you find in your bathroom.

5. Commercial style

Installing one such model will give your kitchen a more modern appearance.  It looks better than a regular type faucet. The industrial faucets are tall, slim and come with a minimalist design. They are also more durable than non-commercial types.

6. Separate spray

This model of faucet uses two separate spray nozzles. The two separate nozzles feature two triggers to activate the water flow. In this design, there is also the main tape. The regular flow of water from the main tap will only work when you are not triggering the separate spray nozzle.

7. Pot filler

The body structure of this faucet is as such it moves outward. It can swivel outward and go over a pot or other large item in your sink. Many commercial faucets adapt the design of pot filler faucets.

8. Motion detection

This is the most sophisticated and smart kitchen faucet. This works with you simply placing your hand over a sensor to get the water to come out. The main functionality of a touchless faucet depends on a sensor that is placed in the middle part of the faucet near its base.

Using a touchless faucet is so convenient. No twisting, pushing required. Simply waving your hand close to the faucet base will start the water flow.

The faucet will be clean and mess-free since there is no direct hand contact. Thus it will prevent the spreading of germ effectively.

The touchless faucets are time-saving since there is no manual intervention.

9. Single-Hole Kitchen Faucets

It is the most common kind of kitchen faucet. It offers simple and straightforward operation. Its name derived from the fact that installing one such faucet requires drilling a single hole in the countertop. It features a top-mounted handle to control water temperature and pressure.

10. Double hole kitchen faucet

It is a traditional design kitchen faucet. Contrary to single hole kitchen faucets, this type of faucet requires two holes for installation. It features two separate handles to control cold and hot water flow.

11. Wall-Mounted Faucets

If your kitchen has limited space, installing a wall-mounted faucet is the best choice. It occupies less space and keeps your sink clean. These faucets are made with different materials and come with many different styles ranging from vintage to sleek and modern design. One drawback of a wall-mounted faucet is the wrong installation of the toilet will result in excessive splashing which will make your work quite disturbing.

How To Choose The Right Model Of Kitchen Faucet For Your Kitchen

Do not make a rash decision when it comes to purchasing a kitchen faucet. It is because if you don’t think wisely, you may end up with a wrong model that may turn into a useless product in the long run. And, another fact is it is not an inexpensive kitchen fixture. Below are a few main considerations that you should take into account to choose the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen

What type of kitchen faucet do you have?

What style should be suitable for you?

What features are essential and

What is your budget?


These are the most popular and common types of kitchen faucets in the market. When you have a good understanding of all these types, picking one particular model will be easier for you.

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