How to Use Pool Thermometer to Get a Healthy and Comfy Swimming Pool

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Swimming pools can change one’s sad mood upside down by helping him get the best past time activities. But before jumping into a pool, a swimming enthusiast must know the underlying conditions of the swimming pool. A great pool is monitored regularly in terms of optimum temperature, pH level and Chlorine factors, and contamination of germs and bacteria. I will discuss the ins and outs of pool temperature and the ways of measuring it by different sorts of pool thermometer.

There are many pool thermometers available in the marketplaces. Some are pricing high while some are really inexpensive. Don’t tend to buy a cheap one to save a few bucks because the appropriate temperature of a pool will eventually affect the health of the people who bathe on it. Read on this article to know what’s best for both your swimming pool and its users.

Why is a pool thermometer a necessity?

Living healthy is a great challenge in this modern era as there’s no end to pollution nowadays. Who knows? One may get sick after taking a bath on an unhygienic swimming pool without understanding the necessity of a pool thermometer. Because there is a par standard of the temperature of a swimming pool, too hot and too cold both can damage sound health.

On the contrary, if you are the owner of the swimming pool, you should soon get the service of a thermometer which will help you keep good health in the long run. Pool thermometers are necessary mainly for two reasons: to determine the optimum temperature of the pool and to prevent any chemical imbalance and germ attacks. So this isn’t a fancy gadget which will end up being considered a waste of money, this is something you require to get a safe and comfortable swimming pool.

To find the appropriate temperature

Why do we use the swimming pool? The answer is straightforward. Any swimming enthusiast will reply that they like swimming. But this likeness may turn into bitterness if he/she gets a horrible swimming experience. This might happen for many reasons, but the most common one is inappropriate temperature. None will enjoy swimming in a pool which is either too cold or too warm to swim on. Temperature plays a tricky role in helping the chemicals maintain a healthy balance. Cold temperature hinders the quality of different substances present in the water.

Too cold or too warm?

Excess of anything is very bad, be it hot or cold. Everything on earth has a set standard. The temperature of a swimming pool is no exception. Experts have given consent on making it around 77 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit which implies (25 – 28°C).  Anything more or less than this range will not provide the swimmers with the comfort they desire. Besides, too low or high temperature is threatening to health. When the body gets direct contact with cold water, it has to adjust the body temperature with the water temperature to acquire a comfortable environment. This may cause damage to the natural mechanism and studies proved that weak hearts are prone to cardiac arrest if exposed in cold water. And warm water often causes convulsion of muscles without giving any prior indication. All on a sudden one may feel muscle spasms.

Chemicals and water quality

The hygiene of a swimming pool largely depends on the proper application of chlorine. Chlorine is a must for any pool as it has proven ability to diminish most of the germs and bacteria. But it can only lessen the chance of contamination, and it can’t ensure a clean sweep. To make an impact with the help of chlorine, one must keep the temperature of a swimming pool as optimum as possible. Warm water tend to dissolve chlorine molecule quickly, thus, helps the germs grow and flourish easily. Besides, different sorts of algae and bacteria find warm water perfect to reside in. Low temperature decelerates chlorine salt generation and hampers the standard pH level. As a result, the quality of the pool water becomes worse. So, maintaining a perfect temperature is necessary to get a topnotch quality pool water.

Safety of kids

Kids are prone to any disease because of the profusion of sensitivity and lack of immunity. So they always deserve special care from the grown-up people like us. If you are the owner of a swimming pool make sure to use a pool thermometer to regulate the pool temperature to ensure a healthy and comfortable swimming pool for the kids. Otherwise, your dearest children may fall prey to some unexpected disease caused by pool water.

Price and convenience

Whenever anyone opts to buy a gadget two questions hit upon his mind. Firstly, is the worth money spending? Secondly, will the gadget serve my purpose accordingly? You will be asking these two questions to yourself before buying a pool thermometer. The accuracy of the results and the price of the products are of great consideration for this reason. Most of the pool thermometers give a correct reading and are reasonable in prices too. Undoubtedly, it will be a great purchase if you decide to buy this gadget. Other than these factors, some other strong rationales validate pool thermometers as a necessary tool. The underlying reasons are as follows.

  • This device works fast and produces an accurate
  • It can determine the hygiene of the pool.
  • It is available in marketplaces, and the price is inexpensive.
  • Anyone regardless of age can use this device.
  • Pool thermometers can amaze you with great swimming experiences.

Types of pool thermometer

Pool thermometers are mostly of two types as per the technological differences such as Analog Thermometers and Digital Thermometers. Again, all these thermometers can be divided into a few more variants regarding the user experiences. Some thermostats are convenient to use while some others are really troublesome. One can also draw a subtle line between different types of thermometers relying on the power supply. Battery and solar powers are the most used power suppliers for a pool thermometer.

Types by technology

More advanced and modern techniques refer to the idea of digital technology. And, manually developed and used devices are often stated as analog devices. Pool thermometers also have some ancestors who are standard mercury thermometers. With the passage of time, these analog devices have been renovated and made incredible improvements. These new devices are digital pool thermometers having digital reading and convenient operating system.

Digital & wireless thermometers

Digital thermometers come in different variants. The most commonly used ones are thermometers having a prolonged part submerged in the water and a digital display readable from a far distance. The drowned portion is exposed to water and measures the temperature. The result appears on the digital screen. There are some new thermometers associated with smartphones, specifically iPhone and androids. These devices are both digital and wireless. One can get the result sitting in the home on his smartphones whereas the thermometer is outside the house. Even without a smartphone, it is possible to get such convenient thermometers. In that case, you have to buy a wireless thermostat that supports remote control and has a compatible digital screen. The brightest thing on earth would have some dark sides too. Digital and wireless thermostat also has some benefits and disadvantages.

  • Easy to use.
  • Water resistant.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network.
  • Compatible with smartphones.
  • Has remote control.
  • The wireless signal may get weak at times.
  • Some devices don’t have replaceable
  • The display is not highly durable.

Analog thermometers

Analog thermometers are mainly mercury-based conventional thermometers. These have a mercury-filled strip attached to the main body. This strip gives a reading when it gets direct contact with the water. Analog thermometers are cheap and last longer, but these often produce the wrong result. The primary challenge in mercury thermometers is reading the results. Only a few can understand the outcome as it lacks the convenience of digital thermometers. Not to mention, analog devices don’t have any wireless technology. So, this is a big negative point regarding this era of modern science. With the advent of digital technology, analog devices are losing considerable benefits. Here are some of the demerits of an analog thermometer.

  • It responds slowly.
  • Unable to measure profoundly low
  • A potential risk of getting broken easily.
  • Mercury or the liquid can cause pollution if broken.
  • Ambiguous display.
  • No remote control facility.

Types by user conveniences

Both digital thermometer and analog thermometer fall in two different categories based on the user experience. These are named after the kind of user conveniences. Hanging thermometers, handheld thermometers, and floating thermometers are the few variants of pool thermometers by user convenience.


Hanging thermometers are handy for two reasons. They have a fixed place and has no possibility to get displaced. These sorts of thermometers hang down from any side of the pool and drown into a bit deep in the pool. That’s why it can give the reading of the actual temperature of the pool water. The key factors are as follows.

  • Has a fixed attachment.
  • Can measure the accurate temperature of the water.


One doesn’t have to touch the water to evaluate the temperature of the water. St that great? It’s possible with the help of a handheld thermometer. Handheld thermometer uses infrared rays while measuring the temperature. Surprisingly the results are accurate. All you have to do is aim the thermostat to the water and shoot the infrared ray. Let’s see why it’s different.

  • Can measure temperature from a far
  • Smart and convenient to use.


If the thermometers float on the surface and assess the temperature with the help of a sensor set inside the thermometer, it is a floating thermometer. It has all the qualities of a digital thermometer except the following ones.

  • It only measures the temperature of the surface
  • May get driven away from the edge of the swimming

Types by power source

Analog thermometers don’t require any power source. On the other hand, digital devices need some sort of power generator which will help it operate smoothly. The most commonly used power source is the battery as it is easily getable worldwide. But we all should use renewable energy whenever we get the chance because it is eco-friendly. In this regard, solar powers are preferable. So, one should purchase considering the responsibility of conscious dwellers of mother earth. Battery and solar powered both thermometers give accurate results. It depends on you what kind of impact you want to make in this world. My suggestion is to go for solar power

Battery powered thermometers

Battery powered thermostats have both pros and cons.

  • Battery size is a big problem for most of the users. You may not get the perfect one in your nearest shops.
  • Power may run out without prior warning.
  • It works fine regardless of the availability of sunlight.

Solar powered thermometers

Solar powered thermometers are great if it gets enough sunlight to recharge itself. It has only one negative side that it’s not self-reliant.

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Unlimited resource.
  • Free from battery-replacement.

What to look for in a pool thermometer?

Before making a purchase, you have to get a few things straight. Each device has some specifications which control the quality of that particular device. If anyone decides to buy it, he should have a concise idea about the facts and figures. Don’t be confused about what to look in a pool thermometer, and we are here to help you make up your mind.  Get through the following points for details.

  • Display
  • Distance
  • Accuracy
  • Battery
  • Durability


Two major points to keep in the checklist is the brightness and size of the screen. There must be different sized display available, and you have to choose as per your likings before making a choice make sure that the screen has better backlighting and color contrast. Otherwise, all the efforts will end in vain because of the difficulty while reading the results on the display.  So the sizes and display clarity are the salient features of a good display.


Distance is a big issue when you’re going to purchase a wireless pool thermometer. Be very careful about this because this is the only reason people buy a wireless digital thermometer. If it fails to serve your purpose, then there is no point owning a wireless thermostat. The best of thermometers cover a 100m range in general. And this distance calculation also depends on the medium of transmission. If the medium is air, it will work within a radius of 100m, and in water, it gets reduced to only 25m. This is the par scale; it may change depending on brands and built-quality.


Without accuracy, a measurement scale is absolutely good for nothing. This should be the first requirements of a user. Accuracy gets affected due to some factors such as the problem with the power source or issue with the quality of the products. No matter how expensive the product is or how well you can operate the device, things will not work without a power source. So double check the power supply before using a thermometer.

On top of that, one must avoid buying low-quality products. Once you buy something, that must be the best purchase with respect to price and service. Wrong thermometers will never give an accurate result.


A few things contribute significantly to making a cell desirable. Size, installation process and most importantly longevity. Usually, we find AA and AAA batteries easily in any hardware shop. If the battery of your thermometer is of these two sizes, there is no chance to face ay hassle. Good quality batteries will last long though that depends largely on how much power the thermometer consumes.

Another thing to take into consideration is the installation process. One has to replace the battery sooner or later. So find a device having less complicated installation process.


Durability is the distinctive feature among good companies and bad ones. There’s no chance to get a durable product from companies who come to market out of nowhere. User reviews are the most reliable source to get a durable thermometer. You can check the user ratings and reviews on the internet to find out the best thermometer.


A warranty tells a lot about the manufacturer. The longer the warranty is, the more it proves the responsibility of the company. Before claiming any warranty, facility read the terms and policy thoroughly. Warranty is only applicable against manufacturing defects. The time is also limited. Different company has different time-span for warranty service. If the users’ end causes any harm, there will be no warranty or free replacement. Other than this you will get a replacement from the company within the limited time. Prior to that, you have to return the faulty products to the retail shop as it becomes the property of that company.


There is no proven use of accessories for pool thermometers. But you can use some to make the best use of the thermometer. A clock can be used to take the time of heating into account. You will get to know the time period of temperature change of the pool by doing so. There is a default hanging strip attached to the hanging thermometer. One can change that as per his need. Another great accessory, a smartphone, will come in handy while using a wireless thermometer that includes Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology compatible with iOS or Android operating system.

Choosing the best pool thermometers

Owning a swimming pool will bestow you with some responsibilities. The pool must not be the reason for water pollution and unexpected sickness. That’s where the necessity of a pool thermometer arises. Now you know what helps a thermometer stand out among others. Keeping the above discussion in line, we have presented the best thermometer that will ensure a healthy and comfortable pool for everyone including kids and pets.

  • Raytek MT6 Non-contact MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer
  • Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer
  • Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear
  • Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer
  • GAME 7000 Derby Duck Spa and Pool Thermometer

Raytek MT6 Non-contact MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer

“Best Infrared Pool Thermometer for the money.”

The most amazing facts about this thermometer lie in its type. As it is a handheld infrared thermometer, it can assess anything at which it aims. But animals and humans will not give the perfect result because the external and internal temperature of the flesh is different. This thermometer consumes more power comparatively as it produces infrared rays. Another shortcoming of this thermometer is- the operation is limited to a particular distance. It won’t work if the subject is out of the range. However, Raytek MT6 Non-contact MiniTemp Infrared Thermometer is the best deal within this budget.

Important Features

It can measure the temperature of an extensive range. The minimum limit is -30℃ (-20℉), and the upper limit is 500℃ (932℉). It comes in a brilliant design having a power source inclusive of a 9V Alkaline battery. The infrared laser consists of one dot sighting system.

  • The display is easily readable and large.
  • It gives the result instantly.
  • This device is durable.
  • Suitable to measure high temperature.
  • Warranty is available on request.
  • A bit expensive compared to other thermometers.

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

“Budget thermometer that covers more distance.”

It’s another handheld thermometer which helps millions of people during Ebola outbreak in 2014. Since then this thermometer is gaining the trust of people from everywhere. It outplays other handheld infrared thermometers with the distinctive feature of 12:1 distance to spot ratio. This ratio refers to its ability to measure subjects from a comparatively long distance. The essential features are given below.

Important Features

It can evaluate temperatures ranging from -50℃ (380℉) to 380℃ (716℉) with an estimated accuracy of ±2℃. It can correctly measure the temperature of the subjects 36cm away from the device.  Renowned organizations like FDA, ROHS, CE, FCC have certified this thermometer for the topnotch quality it possesses.

  • Standard 9 Volt high duty battery.
  • Reasonable price. (15-17$)
  • Easy to operate.
  • Power saving options to get battery longevity.
  • Two years warranty provided by the company.
  • Unable to measure more than 380℃.

Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear

“Accuracy and durability at an affordable price.”

This is one of the best analog thermometers you will ever get. The polar bear will float on the surface water having a long probe submerged into water. This is a plus point because the reading will be accurate. The drowned part can measure the original temperature of the pool water. Another great thing about this device includes independence from using batteries. As it is an analog thermometer, it doesn’t require any source of power. Despite having these positive aspects, it costs less than almost any thermometer out there. So, the price is affordable, and the outcomes are satisfactory.

Important Features

It has a long 7″ probe of which has options to measure both in Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. One can follow his convenient scale very quickly. An exclusive feature of this thermometer allows it to get tethered to any point of the pool as per one’s requirement. On top of the thermometer, there s a polar bear taking a sunbath. This cute little thing is friendly to children. Attracting the children is vital for an in-house pool. Besides. It works significantly for hot tubs, spa, pond, etc.

  • Long lasting material made of ABS plastic.
  • No battery or power source.
  • Gives readings in both in ℃, ℉.
  • Can be used as a hanging thermometer.
  • Cheaper price.
  • Hard to read the scale.
  • The polar bear float may get detached from the scale.
  • Takes a long time to give a stable reading.

Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

“One thermometer, solution to multiple pools.”

Using wireless thermometer is fun. This type of thermometers fulfill the demands of modern age. You don’t have to visit the pools every time you need to measure the temperature. Putting the sensor in the pool, one can easily get the readings from home. Just make sure that the distance between the sensors and the receiver doesn’t exceed the maximum limit as per the ability of the thermometer. This is an excellent device having eight channels, that means the receiver can receive signals from 8 different sensors simultaneously. It will be of great help for the people owning more than one swimming pools, bathtubs or any water reservoir.

Important Features

This device will give you perfect result even if the transmitter is roughly 100m away. Though this distance varies from brand to brands, Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear can successfully conduct transmission within 300 feet (91.44m) in healthy condition. The performance may change due to other variables. It also has a unique technology supporting eight different channels in a single receiver. The power mode is also convenient as it includes regular AAA size battery.

  • Has remote control.
  • Easily intelligible LCD.
  • Automatically updates after each 60s.
  • Two types of power sources: solar and battery.
  • Automated scroll mode to monitor every channel.
  • Synchronizes the connection if interspersed.
  • Lacks durability.
  • Consumes more power.
  • A bit of water can damage the whole unit if penetrates it.

GAME 7000 Derby Duck Spa and Pool Thermometer

“Cute duckie to create a happy ambiance in the pool.”

Well! This is very adorable. You’ll find a happy duck floating on the swimming pool every time you go swimming. Moreover, that cute little thing can give information about the water temperature. This is as great as any analog thermometer requiring no battery or solar power. It has a long string attached to the extended probe which allows this thermometer to be used as a hanging thermometer too. The price is reasonable, and the device renders excellent service.

Important Features

The design of this thermometer is fabulous. Anyone will comment on this overloaded cuteness. It is of great use too, no matter what if you want results in ℉ or ℃. It has a protective casing to prevent any kind of displacement or harm of the measuring scale. You’ll get all these facilities at a very affordable price.

  • Attractive design.
  • Strip attached.
  • ℃ and ℉ scale.
  • Durable
  • No battery or solar power.
  • Low-quality tethering rope.
  • Works slowly.
  • Analog reading scale.


A proverb goes that “A stitch in time saves nine.” This is very relatable to our day to day life. If you don’t use a pool thermometer before anything goes wrong, you have to suffer in the long run. Because inappropriate pool temperature is threatening to health. Too hot or too cold both is bad for a sound body. Cold water can cause cardiac arrest and warm water often induces muscle convulsion. Moreover, temperature affects the chlorine and pH level of the water, thus, control the quality of pool water. All you need is a pool thermometer to monitor the change in temperature.

Pool thermometers are of many types including both digital and analog thermometers. Other variants are also available in terms of user convenience. These are named after the types of functionality such as Hanging, Floating, Handheld. One can choose any thermometer that is fit for him according to price and features. We have enumerated the best ones for you so that you can make the best purchase.

In fine, a kind suggestion for the readers. Try to keep the pool as healthy as possible. A pool can be the residing place of tons of bacteria, algae, germs and, sometimes, people having contagious diseases get into the pools. So proper regulation of temperature and maintenance is a necessity for the sake of the people who take a bath on it. Stay safe.

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